Tab-Ex® 03 for Division 2

The rugged, highly secure, Division 2 rated intrinsically safe Android Tablet Tab-Ex® 03 continues the success story of the 3rd generation 8″ Tab-Ex® Series.

The Tab-Ex® 03 D2 comes in a slim and lightweight design with a new high-performance operating system that powers the tablet with industry leading performance in hazardous areas. The Samsung DeX function turns the compact tablet into a full desktop computer, and additional accessories, peripherals, digital products, and services ensure superior flexibility.



Total Reliability, Assuring User-Friendliness

Despite the slim form factor the tablet ensures high performance for use in Div. 2. The multitouch display can be operated with an S Pen and with gloves, and offers optimal readability even in direct light. As a proven product for industrial and harsh environments, it stands for a long-term strategic partnership with Samsung.

High Security Standards, Complete Protection

Based on the state-of-the-art Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3, the device ensures high data and device security via Google Android™ operating system and Samsung Knox.

By combining Samsung Knox with the Android operating system, ecom’s Tab-Ex® 03 ensures that company data and processes are secure. On top of that, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 is one of the selected mobile devices that is part of the Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) program.

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