Oversee your complex world with a system of software and wireless tools that help you prevent equipment failure. Multiple tools, one software package. With CorDEX CONNECT™ the onerous task of organising inspection data is fully automated. With its enabled tools, you can seamlessly compare, trend and analyse information, all in one cross platform software package.


CorDEX CONNECT enables engineers, technician and maintenance managers to build and sustain successful maintenance programs, combining multiple measurement tools in one simple to use, yet powerful database reporting package.

Using 13.5Mhz RFID tags, CorDEX CONNECT automatically organises your measurement data, saving you valuable time and money. Using this revolutionary, cross platform package, the status of your assets can be assessed and reported almost instantaneously.


Whether you are looking to establish preventive or condition-based practices or simply maximise uptime, you can now do it with minimal investment and setup.

• Combine images, measurements and data into a single picture of your assets’ health using RFID technology.

• Quick return on investment. Designed for easy installation and setup without involving your IT team.

What products are compatible?

  • TC7000/TC7150 – Tough, safe and accurate, TC7000 is the thermal imaging camera of choice for oil, gas mining, marine and dust environments.
  • IW Series – The latest generation of SMART Infrared Windows for low, medium and high voltage applications.
  • UT5000 – Non-invasive, next generation thickness gauge, UT5000 is the thickness gauge of choice for rugged environments.
  • ToughPIX TRIDENT – The TOUGHPIX II TRIDENT EDITION Explosion Proof Digital Camera is designed and certified with the professional inspector in mind.


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